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What makes a good fengshui bedroom


Fengshui is an ancient art that was formalized over 3000 years ago in China. Fengshui is sometimes thought to be the art of correct placement of objects in a given space. It is a complex body of knowledge which teaches you how to balance and harmonize the flowing energy.

Being mindful about how to arrange and use the bedroom so that it can provide you the maximum comfort becomes mandatory. Sleep and adequate amount of relaxation is vital for health and well-being. So for the sake of better sleep and harmony consider these tips for improving the fengshui in your bedroom.

Bed Placement – The ideal bed placement allows you to see the bedroom door while you’re in your bed which means bed should not be in line with the door and positioning it directly in front, is not considered a good fengshui.

Bed Positioning – A strong supporting wall behind your bed is very important for a good fengshui. This helps in creating strong protective energy around your bed.

Well balanced bed for fengshui – There should be balanced energy on both sides of the bed. You can place two nightstand and the lamps which can be different from each other. Bed should have access from both the sides.

Open the windows often or use a good quality of air purifier to keep the air in your bedroom fresh and full of oxygen.

A good looking and a well balanced bed is important in creating a harmonious fengshui energy in the bedroom. A beautiful bedroom nourishes and supports you with loving and peaceful vibrations which leads to harmony, health, happiness, and prosperity.

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