Interior Decorators

Services –

Tanisha may decide to use refined art decor elements to emphasize the sophistication of your living room.She will provide samples of design features to help you choose from one.Interior decoration draws from varied styles and trends which are brought together to express your personal style.

She will provide consultation for the following:-
1. Color schemes for the entire house
2. Furniture planning and arrangements
3. Lighting for different area of your space
4. Selection of curtains and rugs
5. Fabrics
6. Decor accents- Water fountain, wall arts, statues, chandeliers etc.

 She keeps you on budget and never goes extravagant which could break your expense account.If You want Tanisha as your decor consultant then mail her at The consultancy charge is Rs 5000 which is inclusive of a couple of on-site visits. During these visits, Tanisha will inquire about your style and preferences and she will provide her inputs to enhance the beauty and comfort of your place.