Feng Shui Elements

Feng Shui Elements

 According to the Chinese belief, there are five elements which feng shui practices. After research, Chinese scholars arrived at the conclusion that everything in this universe is made up of five elements or their mixture. These elements are wood, metal, fire, earth, and water. Each element has its own energy. There are distinct aspects of these element. Each of the five elements has a specific manifestation in several physical categories.


Wood element is a symbol of an energy that radiates in all the directions. Just like a tree which rapidly spread its roots and branches in all the directions. Wood element’s color is green. This element is the symbol of development, construction,activity, and nutrition. Wood element or green color strengthens blood circulation and nervous system.The shape of the wood element is long and tall. Tall almirahs, trees, high rise buildings bear the shape of the wood element.


Metals are dense and heavy due to the concentration of the entire mass at one single point. Autumn is the season of metal. White, gold, silver and other metallic colors are the colors of the metal element. All the metallic things and colors belong to metal element. Round and bend forms are the shape of this element. Banks, jewelry shops, hardware, technical workshop should conform to metal elements.


The energy of the earth element is horizontal in nature. Earth season has four months in Chinese elements. The color of earth element includes yellow, brown and orange. Articles made of clay, bricks, concrete, and porcelain belong to the earth element. Steadiness, dependability, self-confidence, solidity etc are the attributes of this element. Houses whose length is more than the height are the houses conforming to this element.


The energy of water elements is considered to be a synonym of clarity, transmission, communication, launching, interpolation, transfer, well-being, prosperity etc. Water is life itself. If flowing water is near the house in the proper direction, then it results in monetary advantages and luck. The energy of water element is in the form of waves. Its direction is downwards and to the sides. Various sources of water like a river, pond, lake, fountains, swimming pools etc are included in water element. Paintings of water is also a symbol of the water element. Water itself is shapeless and can adopt any shape. Its color is dark blue and black. The shape of water element is  wave-like as there is no regularity in the shape.


Fire-The energy tends to rise upward as the flames of fire always go upwards. The color of fire element is red but purple, magenta, rosy, catechu colors also come under its purview. Fire element is a representative of the summer season. Spirituality, inspiration, leadership and ambition are all attributes of this element. Fire element and it’s red color activates energy cycle. Red color has special significance in China. It is considered to be very auspicious. The shape of the fire element is pointed looking upwards. In the fire element houses, energy depends on the angle of the ceiling. The higher the roof, lesser would be the energy.