About Me


Tanisha is a professionally trained and certified Feng Shui and space clearing practitioner. She includes interior decor as a specialty. She utilizes Feng Shui universal principles as a tool to help harmonize and balance her client’s environment. The way she practices feng shui is very practical and will not alter your style in any manner. Her mission behind practicing feng shui is to help others bring balance, tranquillity, and harmony to their surroundings.

Tanisha’s desire to create supremely stylish interior within an affordable range. She caters to the design needs of her clients wholeheartedly and tries to deliver the undertaken project with full zeal and dedication. She possesses a natural ability combined with a professional ethos to elevate any space into an imaginative, thoughtful and compelling environment that feels bespoke, and is a reflection of the people residing in it.

Tanisha is a bachelor in English Literature and a post graduate in Mass Communication. After spending a couple of years in the corporate world she felt a desire to integrate her holistic beliefs and realized that she could help people along with expressing her creativity and ideas through fengshui and decor.